Our Staff and Volunteers

Knox-St. Paul’s has a number of staff and volunteers that help run the church and its ministry throughout the Cornwall area. Below are some profiles of our members of staff and volunteers who run the various groups and committees which help to govern the congregation.

Knox-St. Paul’s is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our workers, volunteers, and guests. To view our Health & Safety Policy and Procedure Manual, click here

Our Staff

Rev Erin McIntyre – Minister

Rev. McIntyre has been the minister of Knox-St. Paul’s since 2018. First ordained in 2009, she specializes in Post Colonial Theology and Cree Hymnody. She spent her early childhood years in Ottawa and spent her teen years in Lethbridge, Alberta. She has served in a number of congregations since her ordination. She works tirelessly to ensure that the community needs are being met through her pastoral care of Knox-St. Paul’s and the wider Cornwall community. Rev. Erin enjoys gardening, karate, and being a mom!

Email: minister@knoxstpauls.ca

Debby Chartrand – Office Administrator

Debby has been the office administrator of Knox- St. Paul’s for over 12 years. She handles the day-to-day operations of the church, working in the office coordinating the facilities, preparing the worship bulletins and PowerPoint, and overall record management. She’s in the office Monday – Thursday, 8 AM to 12 PM.

Email: office@knoxstpauls.ca



Rosmary Brown – Music Director

Rosemary has been our music director for many decades. She coordinates the music and directs the choir during the service of worship. She also lends her talents as a musician to play the piano and organ during the service. If you have any questions about music, she is the one to seek!




Our Volunteers

Carolyn Ruda – Chair of the Board

Carolyn has served as the Chair of the Board since 2021. She works to lead the Board of Knox-St. Paul’s in its decisions and guiding principles to lead the church and manage its members and resources to work and serve in the community both within the church and to all the people in the wider Cornwall community. Carolyn also works to help represent Knox-St. Paul’s through PR and other administrative tasks throughout the church.

Mary Stewart – Secretary of the Board

Mary serves as the Secretary of the Board, taking minutes and working to ensure that minutes are taken down to maintain proper records for historical and administrative purposes. Mary also has a hand in putting together our monthly newsletters!

Kim Baird – Chair of the United Church Women

Kim is the chair of the United Church Women, a group of women who work tirelessly to serve the community through the church. Having also previously served as the Chair of the Board, Kim holds a number of responsibilities within the church, including handling nominations for various teams, filling in for the board if they are short-handed, and works with Carolyn to handle PR and other administrative tasks.

Bev Roy – Treasurer

Bev serves as our treasurer. She is responsible for maintaining the church budget as well as keeping track of church finances and making sure the bills are paid on time!

Peter Morgan – Finance Chair

Peter works closely with Bev to ensure that the church finances are in order. Peter leads the financial reporting to the congregation and recommends policy and procedure updates for financial matters of the church.

Christina McKinnon – Trustee Chair

Christina chairs the trustees which holds in trust all of the property of the congregation for the use and benefit of the congregation as part of the United Church of Canada.

Lynne Stockless – Ministry & Personnel Chair

Lynne is responsible for managing the Human Resources side of the church, ensuring that working conditions are safe and secure for our staff and volunteers, in addition to performing annual reviews of staff and remuneration of staff.

Jean Courville – Pastoral Care Team Chair

Jean works to ensure that all members of Knox-St. Paul’s as well as members of the larger community of Cornwall have their pastoral care needs met. This includes things like coordinating visitation and maintaining the membership roll.

Dawn Ostler – Sunday School Coordinator

Dawn works to coordinate the Sunday School curriculum for our children and youth. She is also responsible for ensuring that there are teachers to lead Sunday School during worship and to work with the minister in developing programs and events for our younger members and adherents.