Thank you for your consideration to support the work of Knox-St. Paul’s in the community. We use your donations to fund our various community outreach projects as well as the day-to-day expenses of maintaining the property and staff at the church. You can direct your donations to one of the three following funds:

General Fund – Supports the local ministry and outreach of the church
Mission and Service Fund – Supports the greater work of the United Church of Canada on a national and global scale
Building Fund – Supports the church property


Giving by E-Transfer is a great way to support the church through one-time donations online. To donate using E-Transfer, visit your online banking website or app and send an E-Transfer to In the memo section, be sure to provide your church envelope number (if you have one) and which fund(s) you would like your donation to go to.

*Note: Please send us the security question and answer information immediately following the E-Transfer. Otherwise, we will be unable to accept your donation. You can email the security question and answer to or call the church during office hours.


Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

The PAR program is the best way to support the church through a monthly automatic donation through your bank. Similar to setting your bank to automatically pay your bills each month, PAR allows you to give a set amount every month. It’s a secure way to support the church’s mission in the community, making it easy to ensure that your givings are steady and consistent. No need to remember to write a cheque or put your offering in the plate! PAR also helps when you are on vacation or are unable to join us for worship. It allows peace of mind for both you and the church, knowing that your support is steady and stable!

You choose the amount that you want to give each month, and you can change how much you give at any time. You are in full control of your gift to the church.

Contact the office to set up PAR today!


Canada Helps

Canada Helps is a registered charity that works to provide open access secure fundraising platforms for non-profit organizations including churches. Knox-St. Paul’s has partnered with Canada Helps to provide an easy way to support the church through online donations. They process donations made using their site and provide tax receipts directly to supporters. You can make a donation to Knox St. Paul’s by clicking here.


Cash or Cheque

During our Services of Worship on Sunday, we offer envelopes at the back of the sanctuary to allow members of the congregation and visitors alike to donate in person. You can add either your loose banknotes and coins or a written cheque into the envelope and place it in the donation box. Cheques can be made out to Knox-St. Paul’s United Church. Alternatively, you may mail us your donation (cheques only please) through Canada Post to the church’s mailing address.


Planned Giving

One of the ways in which we consider giving our lives to the church is to ensure that our gifts continue to support the ministry of Christ for future generations. Supporting the church beyond your lifetime can help bring long lasting support in your honour or the memory of a loved one. Below are some of the ways in which we ask you prayerfully consider to help support Knox-St. Paul’s United Church.

*Note: For more information on planned giving, please contact the church office or visit the United Church of Canada’s Planned Giving page here.


Bequests: Supporting the Church in your Will

One of the most common forms of planned giving is through a bequest in your will. You can direct your gift to any area of the church’s work, such as a specific fund or project. Your estate also takes advantage of the tax benefit from the gift. Your gift can be a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, a property, or other asset. You can also specify when the church receives this gift—for example, when other named beneficiaries have passed, or when other bequests have been filled.

Life Insurance: Supporting the Church as a Beneficiary

Allowing Knox-St. Paul’s to become a beneficiary on your life insurance policy can become a significant future gift for the church without having to reduce the size of your estate. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about making Knox St. Paul’s a beneficiary to your new or existing life insurance policy.