Knox-St. Paul’s offers its sanctuary for families who need a space to say goodbye to loved ones. Funerals and memorial services are one of the ways in which we help families process the loss of a loved one. Paired with the organizational work of a Funeral Home, our sanctuary offers a flexible space which can accommodate up to 250 people. If you are in need of a space to hold your funeral or memorial service, consider using our sanctuary. If you wish to use our sanctuary, our minister will take on the conducting of the service. However, if you wish to request another minister or lay person to officiate and/or assist, our minister will be happy to discuss making arrangements in that area.

If you wish to have the funeral or memorial service recorded or livestreamed for loved ones that are unable to make the service, that can be arranged through the office.

Knox-St. Paul’s can also explore options to accommodate requests for a reception prior to or following the service. The United Church Women handles catering requests for funerals, and they can be contacted through the office.

For more information on using our sanctuary or other facilities, please contact the office or see our Renting Space page.

Please see our Funeral and Memorial Service Policy here

Funeral Fees

Name of Fee Cost
Minister (Sanctuary Service) $300 (additional expenses for offsite services apply)
Minister (Graveside Service) $300
Custodial Fee $50
Music Director (if applicable) $150
Soloist/Musicians Arrange with the Music Director
Video Technician (if applicable) $50 (minimum)
Administrative Cost (applies only to Graveside Service) $50

Note: Additional fees may apply for resource materials, bulletin printing, lift operator, audio technician, etc. The total fees are to be paid to Knox-St. Paul’s United Church and disbursed by the treasurer to the appropriate individuals. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer. An NSF fee of $35.00 will apply.