Outreach Partners

Knox-St. Paul’s supports a wide variety of community partners in our goal of helping build a city where no one journeys alone. We believe it is vital to play an active role in the community by establishing relationships with community groups and supporting them in their work which directly serves the community mirroring the Gospel that Jesus taught us, loving our neighbours. Here are some of the groups we support in the community.

Agapè Centre

The Agapè Centre first opened in Cornwall in 1971. It is the largest food bank and soup kitchen program in the community supporting over 1200 people each month. They provide emergency relief to those in need as well as partnering with other local organizations to address hunger and poverty in the community. Knox-St. Paul’s works with the Agapè centre in two main initiatives.

The first is the Feed My Sheep program. While the Soup Kitchen operates Monday to Saturday by staff and volunteers,  holidays like Christmas and Easter are not covered by anyone. Knox-St. Paul’s stepped in to fill that need. We run the soup kitchen during holidays so the staff at Agapè can take the day to recharge.

The second is the Kids Community Kitchen. Each weekday between 7:30 – 9:00 AM, the Agape Community Kitchen will open its doors for school-aged children to drop in for a nutritious breakfast and a lunch to take home. This initiative will continue to run during the summer months. We are supporting the Agape Community Kitchen by continually collecting non-perishable items for their program.

To learn more about the Agapè Centre, click here

Centre 105

Centre 105 is a program run by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. Held at Trinity Anglican Church, Centre 105 was started in 2017, offering a drop-in day program which offers a variety of services including a hot breakfast on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, a communal space for activities and socialization, services like a washer & dryer for clothes and local phone calls, and a support system including pastoral counselling, legal aid advice, literacy skills, and public health nurse visits. Centre 105 also offers a recovery care mobile clinic on-site every Friday which features an addictions counsellor and a nurse.


We support Centre 105 by helping their various fundraising initiatives and collecting items like laundry soap, tents, and other forms of support.

To learn more about Centre 105, click here

Cornwall & Area Christian Council

The Cornwall & Area Christian Council is a group of individuals representing the various church denominations in the Cornwall area. They work together to run ecumenical worship services and fundraising events. The council promotes a dialogue between churches, promoting cooperation in the common goal of living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in showing love and compassion to our neighbours.

Knox-St. Paul’s participates in the Cornwall & Area Christian Council. We have been a part of various ecumenical services including an Ash Wednesday Service and a Christmas Prayer Video. From 2020-2021, Knox-St. Paul’s partnered with St. Peter’s Parish to conduct pre-recorded worship services during the pandemic.

Cornwall Interfaith Partnership

The Cornwall Interfaith Partnership (CIP) was founded in 2010 alongside national and international responses to the G8 & G20 conferences mandating the need for leaders to address concerns regarding poverty, environmental care, and peace. Since its first event in June 2010, CIP expanded to help contribute to community education and fostering a multi-faith dialogue. CIP currently includes representatives from the Bahá’í, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Post- modern spirituality, and Sikh faith communities. CIP engages in various initiatives including hosting interfaith lunches, interfaith awareness events, and interfaith prayer vigils.

Knox-St. Paul’s supports CIP by hosting the space for various events in addition to being an active voice in meetings and events. We are deeply committed to the goals of multi-faith dialogue promoting peace and cooperation in our community.

To learn more about the Cornwall Interfaith Partnership, click here

Diversity Cornwall

Diversity Cornwall is an organization founded in 2016 which supports the 2SLGBTQ+ community through the coordination of the annual Cornwall Pride Festival alongside other community events and educational programs to combat homophobia and discrimination. Through hosting events like art workshops, luncheons, and other outreach initiatives, Diversity Cornwall works to ensure that Cornwall is an inclusive city, promoting public awareness and education on the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Cornwall in a loving and compassionate way. They help support gender affirming care and mental health resources as well as peer support.


Knox-St. Paul’s supports Diversity Cornwall by attending the Pride March and hosting a 2SLGBTQ+ Pride service at the end of Pride Week, inviting the community into a space to worship God in a way that supports and includes all people. We also strive to be an ally to those who are struggling to find love and support in their lives, and we are an inclusive congregation in both our Sunday worship and in our community outreach projects.

To learn more about Diversity Cornwall, click here